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CML Producing AV Showcasing Successes of Community Clinics

CML Producing AV Showcasing Successes of Community Clinics

Recently Creative Media Limited has signed an agreement with Community Clinic Health Support Trustee Board for the production of an international video documentary on the success stories of community clinics in Bangladesh.

The audio visual will be shown at the United Nations General Assembly-2019 in September in New York, USA. And there will be two versions of the audio visual, one in English and the other in Bengali. The English version will showcase the initiatives adopted by Her Excellency Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Statesman Sheikh Hasina in establishing community clinics for extending health services all across Bangladesh. The target audience of the English version will be wider international community.

And the Bengali version will showcase about the service deliveries of the community clinics and be shown in all the community clinics all over Bangladesh.

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