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Developing and Telecasting Drama and TV Spot on Population & Housing Census, 2011

Dramas and TV Spots are important aspect of the Census awareness campaign. Creative Media Limited developed a drama titled “Key of Development is Census” and TV Spot. The leading actors/ actresses of the film were IloraGouhor, Afzal Sharif, Mahmud Sazzad, and KuddosBoyati. The drama started with the verbal fighting between a tea stall owner, who was reluctant to participate in national census and his wife, who was quite conscious about the importance of census. Finally, a village meeting became able to make the tea stall owner realize the importance of census. The drama conveyed all the relevant information about census (such as how the census would take place, what are the responsibilities of people) through a question answer round held in that village meeting. There was a folk song on the necessity and details of census at the end of the drama. It was sung by the famous folk singer of our country, KuddosBoyati. Thus we made a drama, which entertained and made people aware at the same time. Creative Media Limited produced a standard musical TV spot, in which AkhiAlamgir sang to the people. The lyrics of the songs were consisted of the information regarding population & housing census. This well made musical TV spot was appreciated by general viewers as well as the critics