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Developing and Telecasting Drama on “Conservation of Jatka"

In year 2011, we worked for Department of Fisheries (MotshoOdhidoptor) of the Govt. of Bangladesh in making 8-10 minutes long Docudrama, distribution & broadcasting that Docudrama on TV channels regarding “Conservation of Jatka&the; alternative employment opportunity for Fishermen” to raise awareness on conservation of Jatka and the alternative employment opportunity for Fishermen. Hilsha is our national fish. Hilsha below 23 cm in length is called Jatka. Catching Jatka is illegal according to the law. But fishermen catch Jatka indiscriminately and thus they are creating scarcity of Hilsha in peak season. The drama titled “RupaliIlish” (Silver Hilsha) was played by FazlurRahmanBabu, Tania Ahmed, JoyontoChottopadhay, Dora Chowdhury, MahmoodSazzadand so forth. The drama was shot outside Dhaka in a remote area. The drama proceeded with a helpless fisherman, who was forced to catch Jatka by the greedy fish master and money lender with an aim to return all the loans with high interest. Then the characters such as fisheries officer, aware fishermen took entries into the drama. They informed the deprived fisherman about the harmful effect of catching jatka, the law regarding jatka, alternative employment opportunity for fisherman, interest free loans by Govt. o fishermen in a village meeting. The helpless fisherman took loans and grants from Government, quit catching jatka and became free from the vicious cycle of loans given by that greedy moneylender. The drama was shot outside Dhaka in a remote area. We produced the drama with great success and got appreciation.We produced the drama with great success and got appreciation.