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Developing and Telecasting 3 (Three) TV spots/ Fillers on HAOR (Wetland)

In February, 2012 Creative Media has produced 3 TV spots on Haor aiming at creating awareness among local people in order to save our asset-“Haor”. We went for shooting in remote areas of Bangladesh for the production of these TV spots The TV Spot one on “Haor” focused on the potentials of wetland. It conveyed a basic concept about wetland to the audience and ended with optimism that revolution in harvesting fish can take place through conserving haors. The TV Spot two focused on “Haor” Program of Government, which is an integrated initiative to save the dwindling wetlands. Bangladesh is losing its natural resource haor due to unplanned development and adverse nature. Government has adopted an initiative titled “Fish Harvesting and Management Program in Haor areas” in seven districts with the purposes of increasing production of fish, ensuring safe habitats for fish, conservation and expansion of fish breeding place, conservation of species of fish which are on the edge of extinction, reserving natural fishes and expansion of our resources, protecting biodiversity, raising awareness among fishermen about Fish Conservation Law, to create a social movement so that people abide by this law, creating seasonal employment through providing training to people of Haor areas. To achieve these objectives, training is being provided to the officers and staffs at district level so that they can be informed. Besides, meetings are being arranged to motivate people; Bill Nurseries are being established in haor areas; training is being provided for establishing these nurseries; safe habitats for fishes are being established. The TV Spot three focused on the initiative of Government to save the dwindling haors. This program would be implemented with the integration of haordependent communities. The TV spot stated the optimism that if the Government initiative implemented, people of all occupational sectors including fishermen would be aware; nobody would catch minnows and fishes with spawn randomly, the species of fish which are on the edge of extinction would be rescued as the consequence of safe fish habitats; Bangladesh would be self-sufficient in fish resources; Bangladesh would earn foreign remittance.The length of the TV Spots was three minutes.