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Developing and Telecasting TV spot/ filler on Sustainable Land Management

Under this assignment we made a dramatized TV Spot titled “TekshoiBhumiBabosthapona” (Sustainable land management) to make mass people introduced with the enacted laws for Sustainable Land Management. Land is perhaps the most sought-after resource in Bangladesh. Overpopulation, unplanned housing and industrialisation are creating immense pressures on the land, gradually depleting agricultural terrain of its fertility and productivity. Sustainable Land Management is a must for agricultural development, livelihood development and maximum food production with better protection to prevent natural hazards and calamity while minimizing risk. Sustainable Land Management is a procedure that helps integrate land, water, biodiversity, and environment concerns to meet rising resource demands while sustaining ecosystem services and livelihoods. Government of Bangladesh adopted land management policy in 2001, which focused on sustainable land management and prohibited the use of agriculture land for non- agricultural purpose. The dramatized TV Spot proceeded with the story of a villain character whose intention was grabbing his neighbour farmers’ land for establishing a brickyard. He, the chairman of the village, started to threaten the farmers for selling their land. So the farmers went to local agriculture office for help. The agriculture officer assured them and informed them about the sustainable land management policy of government. Then the agriculture officer along with the members of law enforcing agencies went to that chairman’s house and explained him the National Land Management Policy. Finally, that evil character turned into good and promised to work for preserving national interest, not personal. The educational drama was played by Azizul Hakim, NargisAkhter, Amin Azad, Abdul Aziz and so forth. All of them have gained fame in the field of acting in our country. This TV Spot also ended with a nice song, sang by AlamDewan (a popular folk singer) and his group. The lyrics were based on the importance of preserving lands for agriculture purpose. Utilization of drama format and traditional folk songs were important part of our methodology.