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Making AV materials of eight film Documentaries of GIZ

Eight documentaries will be produced in the context of five (05) pourashavas where GIZ works with GoB in order to illustrate the success stories as well as to reach the messages to the target audiences. As a result, the secondary target audiences can cooperate with the primary audiences, or vice versa. And the stories of good and innovative practices of five (05) pourashavas can be adapted and replicated to the other peer pourashavas. Thus, these documentary films are expected to sensitize and act as the eye opener for the audiences to make them proactive to initiate good practices in their own contexts aiming to ensure good services for the urban citizens. For the shooting five pourashavas are being selected, they are Natore, Jhalkati, Jamalapur, Faridpur and Chandpur. The shooting is now going on in Chandpur.