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Making TV spots and Telecasting on BTV & 5 (five) popular Private TV

Recently an agreement has taken place between creative media Ltd. (CML) and Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) where CML is assigned to produce TV spots on the issue of early Marriage, Facility Delivery, Antenatal Checkup, Oral Pill and Condom. Rationale, behind making TV spots on these issue and telecast them, is to spread the desired massages to the targeted people. Our celebrity face like Deepa Khandakar , Mou, nita khan Ishana, Rokeya Prachi, Majunun Mijan and others will act and will exemplify the intendend message towards the community. Till now early marriage are too frequent in this realm and these premature marriage place enormous burden on the limit resources of the country in so far to achieve other responsive goals, including reduction in mental & infant mortality, quality birth etc. Spreading out the message of adolescent girl desired outcome of this project. Though in recent years enormous success is achieved by the government is basic argument of the scheme. Besides talking about Oral Pill and condom in public is still now a taboo, to improve the mindset and make people more aware of benefit & use of these things is another intention of the assignment. We, The CML family are proudly showing our presence and feeling obliged to work in such community beneficial issues.