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Video Documentation on BRAC Education program (BEP)

BRAC has taken the BRAC’s Education Program (BEP) in worldwide, with over 700,000 students. This programs aim is to give a second chance at learning to the disadvantaged students left behind out from the formal education systems. BRAC’s Education Program open primary schools in communities, bringing learning to the children and at the secondary level provided need- based trainings, e-learning materials, also taken student mentoring initiatives and offering livelihood, skills development training. Here it is mentioned that BRAC’s Education Program provided basic education to around ten million students in Bangladesh, nearly five million graduated were from BRAC’s non formal schools.

Creative Media Limited Produce a Documentary film on BRAC’s Education Program to highlight the program’s areas of work and achievement. The documentary film focuses that BEP’s activities and achievements how contributed at the national development.