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Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) was established in 1990 by the Government of Bangladesh as a ‘not-for-profit’ company, registered under the Companies Act 1913/1994. The principal objective of PKSF is to provide funds to various organizations for their microcredit program with a view to helping the poor who have no land or any credible material possession. Funds enable them to gain access to resources that lead to employment opportunities and enhancement of their livelihood.

PKSF provides assistance to the poor through different non-government, semi-government and government organizations; voluntary agencies and societies; local government bodies; institutions; groups and individuals. These organizations and institutions are largely called as Partner Organization (POs). PKSF, as the leading apex microcredit and capacity development organization in Bangladesh, has till date lent about US$ 1534.16 million (at present value) to its 268 POs covering more than 8.23 million borrowers of which more than 91% are women. Together with different financial supports such as microcredit, micro savings and micro insurance, PKSF assists its POs in their institutional development. A number of countries and organizations follow standards, guidelines and modalities developed by PKSF. In the last few years, PKSF has diversified its focus on non-credit programs, such as training, education, health, awareness building, nutrition, direct employment linkages, and marketing supports with the objective to provide all-inclusive services for the persistent betterment of poor.

Creative Media Limited produced a video documentary showcasing all the activities of the PKSF. The video documentation also covered the diversified activities of PKSF that have been undertaken later on. CML team has visited different parts of the country in order to showcase the activities of PKSF. The video documentary has been shown as a part of celebration of 25 years’ journey of PKSF in the country. Creative Media Limited has been highly praised by PKSF for the quality of the work.