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Climate-induced Displaced People and Visualizing Their Livelihoods

Bangladesh is considered as the most vulnerable countries due to climate change. Climate Change Cell (CCG) of the Department of Environment (DoE) is the pioneer institutional initiative of the Government of Bangladesh to combat climate change impacts. The CGC supports the government in climate change impacts tackling policies and programs development and implementation as well.

As per the agreement, Creative Media Limited developed a video documentary on climate change impacts to boost awareness and actions both at national and international levels. The title of the video documentation is Tackling Climate-induced Displaced People and Visualizing Their Ultimate Lives and Livelihoods.

Creative Media Limited has undertaken a rigorous research activity in order to find out the climate-induced displaced people of the country. Our research teams have conducted field visits in many parts of the country in finding them out and interviewed them for the purpose of producing the video documentation. After finding out the displaced people, we learned about their stories, which are shown in the documentary.

Creative has been praised by the clients for producing a quality media piece which, as mentioned by the one of the clients, serve their purpose very best. Furthermore, it has been stated that our dedication and the effort which our research team under the firm leadership has put into producing the documentary were above and beyond the call of duty.