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Visas: Applying the Smart Way

On June 14, 2016 a Press Event titled “Visas: Applying the Smart Way” has been held at the American Club in Dhaka. The American Embassy Dhaka has taken the initiative to raise awareness about the proper steps for US visa application. And in this regard, the Embassy has taken the initiative to develop a Television Commercial (TVC) to inform people about the American visa pitfalls as a part of the anti-fraud campaign of the Embassy. Creative Media Limited has not only developed the TVC, but also developed the concept, script and the animation. Because of the extraordinary efforts put by CML for the anti-fraud campaign of Embassy, CML has been appreciated for several occasions. In the Press Event, the efforts of CML have been formally recognized by the American Embassy Dhaka with the presence of the media of the country. Elizabeth P. Gourlay, Consul General of US Embassy Dhaka, thanked the Chairman and Program Manager of Creative Media Limited for their role in the anti-fraud campaign of the Embassy.

The following is the link of the TVC produced by CML:
The news of the Press Event published by the Daily Star can be accessed by clicking the following link:…/no-dv-bangladeshis-us-1239529